why save nature?


In today’s world, lot of talk is going around for saving nature. I also thought why do I need to save nature? Then I became selfish and thought that if we don’t have what we have today for years to come, the life which I see around me now will not be sustainable. Then I will not be able to photograph and not do the only thing that gives me peace. You will ask why suddenly this blog post. I was photographing flowers on my roof after a morning rain, and I noticed that due to sun, roof floor was clean dry; however there were still water droplets, smiling and sparkling on flowers and plants. This simple scene made me realise, how plants, trees and nature are important for sustenance and survival of living things on earth. Today you have become selfish and are destroying ecology around you. I don’t ask you to change your attitude. I still ask you to be selfish, be selfish for your coming generations. Take small steps to make sure you contribute rather than destroying, and let your future generation enjoy the same environment you are enjoying today.
So this is my inspiration for saving nature. What’s yours??
Water droplet on flower-

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