The dreams – what motivates us! (Jaisalmer – Part I)

Jaisalmer Backpack Nirvana
Sab kuch milega – Jaisalmer


Dreams are always the first step to reality. Most great personalities have been great dreamers first. They dreamed and imagined what the world will be like if their dreams come true. Their dreams were what motivated them and contribute to human societies.
I am not a great and my dreams are pretty much limited to understanding myself. As you all know travel is that part of dream and what can be better than realizing a ‘travel dream’.
Long before I got a job and could travel with my will, a failed attempt gave birth to this dream. My father’s transfer to city of Jaisalmer got cancelled and with that the dream of seeing in person the famed ‘sonar kella’. As it happens with most of dreams, this one took more than a decade to be realized.
Jaisalmer Backpack Nirvana
Jaisalmer Fort
Once the travel bug bites, you get addicted. You want to travel all the time. But that does not happen in reality. Even for a die-hard travel buff who wants to visit every place on earth, there are places which they definitely want to visit.
For me Jaisalmer is one such definitely place.


Early morning in month of March, and Jaisalmer gives you a glimpse of what is coming, the summers and more broadly what will feel to be like in a very warm globe. Having heard earlier of fort stays, I too booked a room online with not much idea of what to expect.
It turned out to be more than I could have bargained for that price. A room right inside fort, behind the alley of Rani Mahal, next to big cannon.
The heat was to be respected and time for this feeling to sink in. I decided to park myself in one of the balconies with some grapes and the see the city as the kings of those times might have done. You look at the city and see the multitude of people who might have been dependent on the king. The decision kings make affecting so many people. Then slowly you realize, Oh! That’s something like me. Now if you think it through, in your adult life, you will have at least 10 people who somehow are affected by the things you do. Those 10 people each will know 10 more people who are affected by them and so on. You kind of get the picture.





To put into perspective, in earlier times, the kingdoms were built or killed by what dreams their kings saw. In today’s time too, believe me or not, we are directing most resources towards what our governments dream. And if you listen to news, you probably know the effect of good vs. bad governance.






So where does that leaves us at individual level? Do we stop dreaming?
No! Go back to the previous example of affecting 10 people and they each affecting 10 more people. So even at individual level, you have the power to dream and be a change agent for many.
I am not here to preach what kind of dreams you see or what kind of changes you want to bring. My only request is that you affect and motivate many people even if you don’t realize it. So all your acts matter. Make good use of them. And if you are already a dreamer, help others dream too.
You will create a realitythat is more than what you dreamt of.

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