Surajkund Handicraft fair 2012


As mentioned in my earlier post, I was not at all interested in visiting the fair, but I visited it twice in year 2011. This year I was thrilled to visit the fair, expecting fresh delivery of Indian art. But to much disappointment, the handicraft on display was more or less same as 2011. So this year I had my eyes, ears and body dedicated to marvellous performances by cultural artist. For the first time in history of SurajKund Fair, organisers collaborated with foreign countries for participation in the fair. We had performers from Uzbekistan, and handicraft on display different south Asian countries. Theme state was Assam, so most of the performances were glimpses of state of Assam. I know most of people reading this blog missed on SurajKund this year. But if you want the masti of Republic Day celebration without the Arms and security, this is the place to be on your visit list next year. Till the time enjoy the photographs of this year performances. For handicrafts check my last post.
P.S: People ask me why I travel and photograph. Earlier the answer was spiritual and elaborative. But after SurajKund 2012, only answer I give is-with camera hanging around my neck I command to be in press area and that gives me a sense of respect for me and my passion.
Visual interpretation:
















































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