Rishikesh – The Right Connection

Mystic Rishikesh Amidst my Excel columns and Outlook reminders, came an ill typed mail. “Hey man! I am going back home t


Does a place calls you or you call a place? This has been my question since I started traveling. It has happened many times an

Culinary Colonization

Chai Samosa One of the unifying snacks combination of India is Chai – Samosa. It transcends the boundaries of region, case,

5 ways to enjoy Indian Railways

Illustration for Indian Railways If you are reading this, you have decided to travel in India. And the best way to do so is th

Learn to see like camera

As a beginner first mistake I learned was not to see like camera. Yes it is at first difficult to digest, but slowly as you ob

What is photography – More than clicking a button!

Eat-Sleep-Drink In today’s world most of us have access to decent cameras and we know clicking/pushing a button will capture

Light – Camera – Practice. Chasing Light.

In my last post I talked about – photography is all about chasing light. That does not mean, we need to run after street lig

Neelkantha Mahadev

Lone Tree   Since childhood I have been intrigued by mythology. To me they were fairy tales going beyond human imaginatio

Hemkund Sahib-A religious abode in Himalayas

  Being atheist in a country like India is a daunting job. With such a multi-religious culture and your life into this sp

The dreams – what motivates us! (Jaisalmer – Part I)

Sab kuch milega – Jaisalmer   Dreams are always the first step to reality. Most great personalities have been great