My Toy story

I have done very little work on still life images. I go for still images, when I am low on money to travel or low on energy due to bad health. Recently I had to take a short break due to my ill health and take refuge in my home, where my parents were too reluctant to let me go out and shoot. So I dug out my old toys and here is my toy story.

Once upon a time, a princess sat in her garden, thinking about her marriage.


First she was taken to world cup cricket victory, but Sehwag and Sachin have already started their innings in marriage test match.

Then she was taken to car rally, where she couldn’t see anybody except cars.

She was taken to a village fair, where she saw a snake charmer. Even he couldn’t charm her with Bob Marley style hair.

She was taken to ISKCON, where people already have denounced their happy living.

So the king asked her to come back to palace to start
her journey for soul mate after a break.

However while returning, from her aircraft, she saw a man guarding his borders. She was moved by his dedication and determination, and decided to marry him.


They were happily married.

They even used a face book app to check how they would look in future.


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