made for each other


Heer-Ranjha, Laila-Majnu, and their likes are said to be made for each other. Tajmahal, a man’s greatest erection for a woman also was born out of love. But this was bygone era where polygamy provided men and women both to enjoy with options.
Modern society imposed monogamy in most of the cultures and people still found a legal way of polygamy, marriage-divorce-remarriage. Still if you look at modern society, you will not find a single instance of love on display. You can find 10 best examples of kidnapping, cons, terrorism, hacking but not a single example of love.
Though if you ask most of the people, they will tell you love is not lost. Ask a politician, he will tell you how he loves corruption and scam, but not country. Ask a teacher, who will tell you much he loves discipline and curriculum, but not students. Ask a cricketer, who will tell you how much he loves advertisements and T-20, but not test matches. Ask developed nations, who will say how much they love modernisation, industrialisation and profits, but hates nature and obviously developing nations.
Is this the kind of world we would like to live in, where everybody says that they want love and peace, but not work towards it?
As John Lennon said- “If everyone would have demanded for peace instead of a television set, we would have got it”.
So please demand what is rightfully yours without infringing on rights of others.
Love in the eyes of a lovely couple. (Thanks to my friend who permitted to upload this photograph of his with his wife)

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