Learn to see like camera

As a beginner first mistake I learned was not to see like camera. Yes it is at first difficult to digest, but slowly as you observe, you will realize that your eye and camera sees differently. Even different lenses, bodies, focal lengths etc. behave differently. So as a photographer it is very important to learn to see like a camera. Is it tough to do? I will say NO, but it is not easy as well. I will share few things that helped me to see like a camera, hope this helps you too. If you have more tips to share, feel free.

1.       READ, READ, READ – The first thing you need to do is read you camera manual, cover to cover. Carry with you wherever you go, it’s just a small booklet. Read and reread, understand the working of your camera. Once done, start reading any material you can get your hands on regarding photography.

2.       PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE – What you read from the manual, practice it with your camera. There is no reason to stop just because you can’t get to a new location. Start at home, photograph anything and everything. Join communities like Project 365 and force yourself to use your camera daily. Pick up any aspect like ‘Aperture’ and practice it in real life to see how it behaves differently. What does the settings mean, how they change based on other settings. In nutshell, practice so much that all settings are your habit and you don’t need to think about them when making images. They will come naturally to you.

3.       ANALYZE, ANALYZE, ANALYZE – Scrutinize your own work. Read histogram, check the settings and compare them with results. See how same scene behaves in different settings. Once you master settings, you will know exactly to what to dial in to get a desired output. Less time post production, more time shooting 🙂

My camera does not have live view. If I wouldn’t have learned to see like camera, this would not have been possible without getting my cloths dirty. I just kept the camera close to ground, dialed in the settings, put in a focal length and Voila!

4.       OBSERVE, OBSERVE, OBSERVE – When not with camera, take mental images. Choose a subject or a scene and think what would be the best way to capture that. And if you get chance again, then make an image and compare the settings whether what you thought will actually give you the perceived result. This will also help you develop your vision. Your eyes get trained to see the world like a camera.

5.       BE HUMBLE AND RESPECT YOUR CAMERA – Treat your camera like a companion and not like some fancy gadget. It will give you wonderful results. See it as a friend who teaches you to look at the world with new perspective and vision.

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