Jaipur- The princely city


When people talk about Jaipur, you visualise magnificent forts, people with colourful dress and lots of handicraft. Same was with me before I actually visited this city. While writing this entry I have to this city three times! I read somewhere that this is the first planned city of India. However as you enter the city, you will find out that there are no traffic rules here. Apart from that there is nothing you will not like about this city.
Jaigarh Fort
Modern city of Jaipur is divided into two parts-new and old. Old city consists of three forts and few temples around Amer. New part is bustling modern day city dotted with many monuments and palaces.
Amer city as seen from Jaigarh Fort


How are people here? Very friendly and always ready to provide you with the best experience you can have from this city. I will share two instances which might shed some light on the argument, however not everyone is good as not everyone is bad. One thing I learned from travelling is irrespective of how many sites/blogs or guidebooks you have read, it is more helpful if you just ask people, local people, and sometimes it will be mind boggling by the suggestions you get on road.
So first instance which happened on our first trip to Jaipur. This time we  we didn’t even read any blog or guidebook, so our only option was to ask, and who better that the bus conductor. We told him that we are first timers in the city, so if he could help us out. And what a help we got, which in turn decided our itinerary. He helped us to travel, lodge and eat is best possible and cheapest way.
Second instance would be our auto driver who was given the responsibility of being our guide and touring the city. In between monument hopping I asked him that my mother wants do some shopping and my previous experiences of handicraft showroom not very pleasant, I asked him he could help out. After tour he took us to a wholesale market where same stuff was available for a far lower price. This guy must have got some commission, but he saved me a lot of money too.
So what are places to see –
·         Amer Fort – Hindu architecture fort.
·         Jaigarh Fort – A fort of magnitude, on display is largest wheel canon of the world ad a good museum of old weapons.
·         NAhargarh Fort – It’s now famous for alcoholic youths partying all night.
·         Jal Mahal – A small palace built on a lake, last visit I saw boat ride construction project  going on.
·         Hawa Mahal – Once you are here, you will come to know why the name.
·         Jantar Mantar – Display of ancient wisdom on astrology and planets and related science. It’s far better place if you can understand the logic.
·         City Palace – House of current king, partly museum and partly residence. Entry fees are high compared to things on display. One time visit still recommended.
·         Albert Hall Museum – Will require at least three hours for this. Awesome collection and display on diverse subjects.
There are many more if you have time. So what should be your reason to visit?
If you are still asking then I am a bad narrator.










































































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