Growing up

Every pencil was dear to me in childhood. I don’t know how many pens I have lost after I grew up.

Growing up is a classic paradox of life we all have faced. When we were child, we always wanted to grow up. And after we grew up, we wanted to be a child again.The fact is we all know that we have no control over growing up (physiologically), and we forget that we have control to be a child always (psychologically). But not exactly child, or the world will put you in asylum.

So is there a way to enjoy best of both the worlds? I suppose there is – by growing up physically and keeping some of your childhood traits alive.

Think! As a child how curious you were. Your first instincts were always to touch a new thing, feel it, smell it, taste it. (Just don’t try this at opposite sex after you grow up, might be creepy)
It is all due to curiosity you had at that point of time. The curiosity to know the unknown.

If you recap reel of your life, this curiosity helped you learn new things. And as you learned, your self confidence grew. In fact what you are today is due to the things you learned out of your curiosity.
World calls it life experience.

So why stop after you grow up? Be curios, learn something new always!

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